glacé orange peel strips

Glacé Orange Peel Strips

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The art of glacing comes to life in these strips of orange peel, the peel is moist and tender.

Case Size: Net Wt. 20 lbs

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Categories : Fruit Glacé
Product Name: Glace Italian Orange Peel Strips Ingredients: Orange Peel Strips,
NUTRITION FACTS Glucose syrup, sugar, citric acid,
Serving Size: 100g potassium sorbate, sulphur dioxide
Servings Per Container: 3.5 oz Varies *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Amount Per Serving: Your daily values may be higher or lower depending
Calories: 300 on your calorie needs.
Calories from Fat: Less than 1% Total Fat Less than 65g
% Daily Value* Protein Less than 1g
Total Carbohydrate: 75g 25% Cholesterol Less than 0mg
Sugars: 47g Total Carbohydrates Less than 300g
Dietary Fiber: 6g 24% Sodium Less than 103mg
Potassium: 6mg 1%
Calcium 4%   Vitamin C 2% Vitamin A 2% Iron 4%
Not a significant source of Sodium,
Fat, Cholesterol, Protein and Iron


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